Gucci Bengal Bag

Gucci Bengal Padlock bag

If you read my blogs, you may have noticed that I have introduced Gucci's products recently. Because of its new style, Gucci really wins my heart and heart of Taiwan. I think I am a Gucci addict now. This time, I am going to talk about my other Gucci obsession. If you have been following me on my Instagram or reading my blog, you may have read my article about Marc Jacobs. (If you didn't, click the link and check them out.) I mentioned that small bags or even mini bags are the newest trend. Well, today, I'm going to share with you my new favorite Gucci Bengal padlock shoulder bag.

Gucci Bengal  shoulder bag Taiwan

Gucci Bengal shoulder bag my new favorite

First, Let's talk about the bag's model. This one is from padlock collection. Before I got this Gucci Bengal bag, I was not interested in this style of bag. But, after I saw the beautiful prints, I decided to get this bag with beautiful Bengal patterns on it. I think this one is similar to Louis Vuitton Petite Malle. (just a little bit.) 2017 NEW TREND- "Jewelry Box" BAG. However, this bag is quite small, but it can fit all my necessities, such as, card case, iPhone 6s, keys, and tissues. Sometimes, I can put my sunglasses inside. It depends on which size you use.

Gucci Bengal card case Taiwan

Gucci Bengal card case

The biggest reason that pushed me to buy this Gucci bag is the beautiful Bengal tiger print. It's from the Bengal collection, which I really love. This Bengal collection was designed for women and men. The women's version is pink, the men's one is green. I myself, also really love their men's collection. I saw some female celebrities and bloggers also bought/wore their men's Bengal collection. It gives them Interpretation of the different style and a kind of masculinity. I love them, but I didn't get their men's version because there are too many good things waiting for me to take them home.

Gucci Bengal Bag Taiwan

My outfits with Gucci Bengal bag

Gucci Padlock women's collections' elements also come from their Dionysus bag. In the contrast, the padlock bags are more exquisite and chic. The inspiration comes from the lock on old suitcases. Like what I said before, they are similar to the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle. Their retro shape with exquisite metal buckle is just like a beautiful jewelry box.

Gucci padlock shoulder bag

So, let's talk about the reason behind the Bengal tiger design. In Eastern culture, tigers represent authority and bravery. However, the beautiful tiger print grabs my attention. Each animal that Alessandro Michele designed, has their unique story behind it: "Everyone's heart has a tiger hiding inside it, but when it comes to the beautiful things, it will become tender and good." This time, Gucci put the tiger and flowers together, in hope to remind us, even when we are busy, don't forget to appreciate the beautiful things around us. It reflects that humanity is rigid and soft. Also, I think it represents freedom and the retro at the same time. AM's design philosophy for this bag is the Bengal tiger running in the jungle.

After reading the above, you can probably feel how passionate I am about this design. But, if you really can't accept this design, then you can find more options on their website. Thanks for reading this article, I have inspired myself to explore the men's version available from Gucci. Therefore, perhaps you will see an article about their men's iphone cases in the future.

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